The Isle of Ruegen

Experience nature - enjoy culture

Arkona Baabe Baabe Bollwerk Baabe Kleinbahn Jagdschloss Granitz Jagdschloss Granitz Jagdschloss Selliner See Kartzitz Kreidefelsen Kreidefelsen Jasmund Putbus Ralswiek Sellin Spielplatz Jagdschloss Granitz Strand in Binz

Ruegen is Germany's largest island. It is also the sunniest island. The island's mild and temperate climate lures vacationers to its seaside resorts and charming fishing villages all year round. Sea temperatures in midsummer are between 17-19 degrees C and the water temperature of the lagoons (Boddengewaesser) is between 19-20 degrees C . The island offers a huge variety of fine sandy beaches, as well as an abundant offering of art and culture. The seaside resort Goehren is known for its lovely "Heimat" museum. In Gross Zickau, one can visit the blue home of the vicar's widow. The Jagdschloss Granitz (or hunting lodge) in Binz offers various exhibitions about hunting and nature. One can also climb the stairs of the castle's tower and enjoy a wonderful view of the island. Nearby, a huge and admirable play ground made of natural materials can invigorate small children. The island with its idyllic landscapes offers a variety of places to stay - from historical mansions, most of them renovated by their new owners, to holiday cottages.
At the foot of the castle in Ralswiek, you will find one of the most beautiful open-air theatres in Germany made of all natural materials. Every year from the end of June until the beginning of September the Stoertebeker festival is held. The festival is about the life and death of the likable pirate Klaus Stoertebeker and is enjoyed by both young and old.
Additionally, white sightseeing ships go to the small island of Hiddensee and to the vacation island Vilm, the retreat of former East Germany's head of State Eric Honnecker. Today it houses a nature conservation academy that can be visited with public guided tours from May to October. Reservation must be made.

Other famous places on the island are:

Cape Arkona, the most northerly point of Germany
Chalk cliffs Koenigsstuhl in Jasmund National Park, a World Heritage Site, on the peninsula of Jasmund
Wissower Klinken, the most famous chalk cliffs as they have inspired artist Caspar David Friedrich around 1818 to his most famous work.
Ride on Rasenden Roland, a small train with steam engine on an historic narrow gauge railway. This original train starting in Putbus connects the seaside resorts with Goehren, Baabe, Sellin and Binz. Putbus is famous for its white classicist buildings, the former castle grounds and palace church.
In Sellin, the historic pier with its beautiful pavilions.

Other activities include:

Dinosaur park in Glowe
Ruegen park in Gingst
Indoor play ground "pirate island" in Putbus
Climbing trees in Prora or Bergen
Toboggan run in Bergen
Go-cart track in Buschvitz
Glass blower in Binz
Butterfly park Alaris and a native animal park in Sassnitz
Visit of a retired U-Boat at the harbour in Sassnitz
Chalk museum in Gummanz

Regardless how long you stay, we are sure you will find a worthwhile place to visit.

Let yourself be enchanted from the beauty of our island - take vacation on Ruegen!